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Apache Nifi – Admin Guide – Clustering And Management100%OFF 

Apache Nifi – Admin Guide – Clustering And Management

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What you’ll learn

  • Hands-on approach to production like scenarios
  • Intermediate to Advance NiFi Concepts
  • Understanding NiFi Clustering in Detail
  • Installing NiFi Cluster in Demo Environment or Single Server/System
  • Installing NIFi Cluster in Production on 3 Servers
  • Offloading one server work to other nodes during Server Down or Maintenance Window
  • Understanding Running a data flows in Cluster
  • Running NiFi on HTTPS by configuring SSL using NiFi Toolkit


  • Basic understanding of NiFi
  • Apache NiFi (Cloudera Dataflow) Beginners to Advance Part-1


This course is created to provide a deep dive into NiFi clustering and Troubleshooting in production Environment. After this course students should be able to setup and manage NiFi cluster environment.

In This course we’re going to learn step by step on below topics:

  • NiFi Cluster Overview
  • Why NiFi Clustering is required?
  • NiFi Cluster Setup in Production Like environment with three Servers.
  • NiFi Cluster setup in demo or development environment on single Server or System.
  • Understanding working of data flow execution in cluster environment.
  • Disconnecting a NiFi cluster node during maintenance activity.

  • Offloading Maintenance node’s work to other available nodes.
  • Rejoining Nodes back to cluster.
  • Managing NiFi cluster when one of the Server Crashes and Shuts down.

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