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Banking Law – Loan Documentation100%OFF 


Banking Law – Loan Documentation

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how banks typically structure their loans and security packages
  • Become conversant with terms that are found in a standard loan agreement, including loan mechanics
  • Master the legal principles behind typical security documents
  • Distinguish undertakings and guarantees from true security documents
  • Understand common intercreditor arrangements in syndicated loans and more complex financings
  • Learn banking law in the UK and commonwealth jurisdictions context


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Banking Law in the UK and commonwealth jurisdictions context

Structure of Loan Documentation

Typical terms in a Loan Agreement and Loan Mechanics

Common Types of Security Interests and Security Documents

Mortgages, Assignments, Fixed and Floating Charges, Debentures

Deeds of Undertaking and Deeds of Subordination

Intercreditor Agreements and Security Trust Deeds


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