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Color Correction & Grading with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Color Correction & Grading with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

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Course Deatails:



1.0 hours



This complete course will take you to the essentials of color correction with the Lumetri color tools inside Premiere Pro. You will learn different techniques while also understanding how color philosophy works. (Footage Included)

We’ll fly together through this wonderful world of colors. And on the end you will be able to fix color issues and take your shots to a higher professional level.

What will I learn?

You will learn a complete essential training of color correction and grading in Premiere Pro.

The philosophy of digital color

The functionality of every Lumetri tool

Read and use the measurement tools like the waveform and vector scope

Perform a color correction on an a bad shot

Create masks to color correct a specific area

Match the colors of different shots

For who is this course?

This course is aimed at beginners in the color correction/grading field. You are not required to have any pre-knowledge, however some basic experience with Premiere Pro will help a lot.

This course is not for experienced colorist.


An installation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 or later

Mac or PC that can process full HD video clips to work with the attached materials

What is Lumetri?

Since the release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 we can now find the Lumetri engine inside Premiere itself. Before it was only part of the color correction program “Adobe Speedgrade”. These lumetri tools have so much possibilities to make professional color corrections and grading that we don’t need a dedicated program for it anymore.

Who this course is for:

This course is for any Premiere Pro user that like to learn color correction

This course is not for experienced colorists

This course is not for Premiere Pro beginners. We advice to first follow our Premiere Pro Beginners course.