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Drum Programming For Pop Music In Ableton Live


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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to program 9 variations of POP music drums
  • You will learn to program 6 variations of POP music drum fills
  • Basics to Pop Music Drum Programming
  • Sample Selection in Pop Music Drum Programming


  • Basic Knowledge of ableton Live or any other Digital Audio workstation with piano roll.


Hey guys,

In this course of Drum Programming for Pop Music  in Ableton Live we will be taking a in-depth approach in learning programming drums using patterns in piano roll .This course will show you how to use your piano roll to its potential to program drums for pop style beats effectively .

This course consists of two sections ,

1.BEATS – 12 beats

2.BREAKS – 6 breaks

BREAKS can also be called as fills or fill ins .these patterns are crafted for you to learn and understand the bounce of the drum programming patterns .you will not require any finger styling techniques in this method.

This course comes with an amazing sample pack provided in resources section as well.the drum patterns can also be downloaded from the resources section .

see you all in the course

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