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What you’ll learn

  • Motivation theories
  • Motivation practices
  • Real-life examples


  • Open mind is only requirement


This is course about motivation, passion and self-esteem. You can take practices from this course to become more motivated, passionate and result-oriented.

During the course you learn about theories. Self-efficacy will show you how people are different based on their internal burn to success, two-factor theory takes it to other level showing two kind of motivators that affect to use. You will also learn about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs how people can either reach or want to get in different levels. Vroom’s expectancy theory is easy to understand as different things like attitude will affect to our success. Locke’s goal setting theory shows how important it is to know your target.

All theories will have practice to make sure you understand and can put it to your life.

Other section you will learn how to either find your passion, keep up in current status or make changes. Sometimes we feel that nothing is happening, we wait for changes but are not able to do it. Sometimes we feel everything is okay, but still missing something. Most people want changes, but we know that if we are able to just keep up in current, it can be enough.

There will be also examples of successful people. These people come from business, entertainment, political, religious and research backgrounds. All of them have been successful and you can learn from each of them. Take it part of your toolbox and make changes or learn to observe others.

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