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Finding Happiness Within Through Yoga


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What you’ll learn

  • Gain high level understanding of one of the yogic principles called Svadhyaya.
  • Have a detailed understanding of how to apply Svadhyaya to their life.
  • Recognise that Svadhyaya brings to light our internal belief system.
  • Identify how to change their belief systems.
  • Have a clear pathway towards a sense of happiness from within.


  • Everyone is able to do this course.
  • Completion of lecture exercises through attached worksheets is highly recommended.


I have a question for you – are you happy from within? Look deep within yourself and answer honestly.

Do you find only fleeting moments of happiness? Are you frustrated that your happiness is influenced by factors outside of your control? Do you wish people would behave differently so you can be happy? Do you only get happiness from objects or items you purchase?


Are you simply wanting to learn and understand how to find true happiness within?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you. You have the power and the choice to be happy, independent of what is happening around you. This is a kind of power you can create for yourself, knowing that you always have a choice.

Come on a journey of self-exploration through the ancient science of yoga. You will be introduced to one of yogic principle called Svadhyaya, which means ‘Self-Study’. You will be able to use this simple, yet profound principle to find your internal happiness. Svadhyaya encourages us to look inwards and analyse our thoughts and our emotions. It helps us identify why we feel the way we do by exposing our internal belief systems. Through theory and practical exercises you will turn your unhappiness into happiness.

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