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  • An appropriate knowledge in hypertension definition and treatment; to accomplish the exam successfully.


Hypertension is the most popular modifiable risk agent for cardiovascular illness and death, and decreasing blood pressure with antihypertensive medications decreases target organ injury and blocks cardiovascular illness outcomes. Many more hypertensive patients, anyway, are uncontrolled due to intolerance or nonadherence to obtainable antihypertensive agents. The opener message from this practice course is that what concerns most is having blood pressure controlled.

Non-pharmacological counsel should be presented to whole hypertensive commune and those with a powerful family history of hypertension. Anyway, such measurements may avoid the demand for drug therapy or decrease the number or dose of medications needed to dominate blood pressure. When medication therapy has to be inserted more rapidly, non-pharmacological measurements should be established in parallel with medication treatment. Thresholds of Systolic and diastolic blood pressure are thence supplied to direct intervention with medication therapy in commune with hypertension.

Anyway, in this Practice Test Course, I have two practice tests which contain about 30 questions; to examine students knowledge concerning Hypertension Definition, Classification, Pathophysiology, Desired Goals, Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Treatment.

Important Notification: All of the above, means All of the answers.

Keywords: Practice Test, Hypertension, and Pharmacology

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