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Immunological Techniques is the study of the chemistry of the immune system. This involves the study of the properties, functions, interactions and production of the chemical components (antibodies/immunoglobulins, toxin, epitopes of proteins like CD4, antitoxins, cytokines/chemokines, antigens) of the immune system, immune responses and determination of immune materials by immunochemical assays

In addition, it is the study of the identities and functions of the components of the immune system. It is also used to describe the application of immune system components, in particular antibodies, to chemically labelled antigen molecules for visualization

Various methods have been developed and refined, and used in scientific study, from virology to molecular evolution. Immunochemical techniques include: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunoblotting (e.g., Western blot assay), precipitation and agglutination reactions, immunoelectrophoresis, immunophenotyping, immunochromatographic assay and cyflometry.

These questions will give you basic idea for Examination Preparation and/or interview on Immunological Techniques.

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