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Learn C++ from scratch

Learn C++ from scratch

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Course Deatails:



3.0 hours



C++ is a compiled modern object -oriented programming language .

The code you write in C++ has to be translated by a special program called a compiler into machine code .

C++ is widely used for both systems and applications development, and is available for virtually every operating system and has influenced and informed many derivative languages, including C# and Java. In this course,i will guide you through the nuts and bolts of this essential language. We will set up your environment for coding and dissects the anatomy of a basic C++ program. We will learn the essentials—statements and expressions, variables, arrays, conditionals, switch, operators, loops, and functions—and data structures, classes and objects. We will also learn data casting.

Topics include:

Setting up C++ development environment using code blocks

Displaying output

Accepting user inputs

Using code comments

Using Escape sequence

Statements and expressions

Creating Variables

Pointers and Reference


Local and global variables

String functions


2D Arrays

Conditionals ( if , else , else if , switch)

Loops ( while, do-while, for)

Looping through arrays

Nested l for oops

Data types



Classes and objects

Class methods

Class members

Accessing class attributes and methods

Overriding class methods


Create a math application program.