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Level 1 – Your First Steps To Financial Freedom100%OFF 

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What you’ll learn

  • The Following Concepts are Discussed in this Course
  • Your Financial Statement
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Earned Income
  • Passive Income
  • Portfolio Income
  • Expenses
  • Doodads
  • Cashflow
  • Capital Gains
  • Financial Freedom
  • Rat Race
  • Fast Track
  • Investments
  • Return on Investments
  • Yield
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Paper Assets
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Cash
  • Money
  • Currency
  • Franchise Business
  • Network Business
  • Big Business
  • Rich
  • Wealthy


  • Must have an open mind
  • Must be keen on learning real financial education


Would you agree that for us to achieve financial freedom, we need a good financial education.

And to have good financial education, we need to have a good financial vocabulary.

The purpose of this course is to do exactly that.

To improve your financial vocabulary.

This is a Level 1 Course.

Level 2 is also in the Pipeline.

In this course I start with the very basics.

When we get our basics right, rest all follows well.

Take the time to study these concepts.

This course has 30 videos, each covering a separate concept.

When all concepts are put together, you will come out on the other side, with an exceptional understanding to concepts related to financial freedom.

There is a need for financial education in our society.

Financial literacy is the need of the hour.

It all starts with understanding the language of business and money.

This course will help you especially if you are beginner.

Even if you come from a finance background, this will be a nice teaser for you.

Author(s): Rohit Musale, CFA

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