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Master Arduino Without Coding100%OFF 

Master Arduino Without Coding

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What you’ll learn

  • Make a toy car project
  • Develop a theft detection system
  • Control a DC motor and LED lights
  • Make a realtime robotics project


  • Arduino UNO board and Arduino Motor Shield
  • You will need to download the Scratch4Arduino 1.6 and Arduino IDE software
  • Led lights, 1 x potentiometer, 1 x small breadboard, 1 x transistor PN2222, 1 x diode 1N4001, 1 x 270 OHM resistor, 1 x DC motor, 1 x HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor
  • 1 x buzzer, 1 x small toy house, 1 x small toy car, 2 x servo motors
  • Thin wires to solder and jumper wires


#1 Scratch for Arduino course on Udemy, in terms of students (close to 1,000)

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Scratch for Arduino (S4A) is a modified version of Scratch and it has been used by many people in a lot of different projects around the world. Projects are designed to interact with the real world using Scratch which helps one easily receive inputs from many sensors. This course is primarily targeted at learners who wish to explore Arduino and learn about microcontrollers. This course requires one to have basic knowledge in electronics of concepts like voltage, current and resistance.

The course taker also needs to download and install the software on their computer and they are good to go. No prior knowledge of programming or coding is required however basic knowledge about the same is a bonus!

The course is structured as a series of interesting real time projects, through which you can learn how to use the software interface to make Projects of your own. Arduino can be used to change surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and a number of other accessories. It’s intended for anyone looking to make interactive hardware projects.

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