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Mental Maths-learn Multiplication Tables Upto 100 In 30 Mins100%OFF 

Mental Maths-Learn Multiplication Tables upto 100 in 30 mins

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn and Remember Multiplication/Times Tables from 11 to 99
  • Mentally calculate any problems relating to multiplication tables such 67 x 8 , 73 x 4 or 92 x 7 etc.
  • Do mental math calculation lightning fast without the aid of a calculator, pen or paper
  • By the end of each topic you will have a better understanding of the Mental Math Method being explained.
  • Have Fun with Math! Get rid of your Math Phobia


  • Students must know Multiplication/Times Tables from 1 to 9


There comes a time in every parents life where the inevitable times-tables learning will come up. Times tables are very important to a child’s learning about maths; it does help conquer Maths much easier if one knows their times tables by heart. And of course times tables are something that will help in all aspects of both school life and adult life. This skill will be essential as kids advance in class and study advanced concepts like algebra. Many teachers recommend usingtimes tablesto learn how to multiply because they allow students to begin with small numbers and work their way up.

Like any new skill, learning multiplication tables takes time and practice. It also requires memorization, which can be a real challenge for young students. For some children it is easier than for others , but from my experience all children need a helping hand. If your child finds times tables a little testing then here’s the answer: straightforward, easy-to-follow tips, hints and advice presented in this book will help them remember their tables for ever.There are fun illustrations, shortcuts, clever ways to make times tables of higher numbers from 11 to 99 simpler to learn.

If your child already knows multiplication/ times tables from 1 to 9 by heart, the good news is that he/she can master multiplication tables of higher numbers from 11 to 99 in as little as 30 minutes. The tips and tricks in this course will make this job not only easy ,but also full of fun.

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  3. If you are not happy with the program for any other reason

Just let me know and I will say thank you for trying and will refund every penny you invest in this program.

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