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Q) Which reports it would be appropriate within the financial end of the month closing? (Select all that apply.)

a) account analysis

b) Trial Balance – Detail

c) Currency – Daily Transfer Listing

d) Accounts – segment digits Listing

e) Another – Calendar Report Validation

Q) Ledger entries that information transfer directly to the general ledger to create a record of the journal published?

a) shares

b) obligations

c) Buy from

d) debts

e) assets

Q) You set the GL Journal Review the profile of the desired option Yes. What is the result?

a) demand generated Auto allocation magazines have seen before publishing

b) It requires consideration of periodic magazines before sending

c) require-st studies journals belonging to categories specified before filing D.

d) requires all logs that are reviewed before publication It requires a revision of the Constitution of the journal approver before sending

e) None

Q) What is the impact of the summary report on the effectiveness of the wiring process?

a) There is no effect, because the summary report does not use the wiring process to accumulate values.

b) Using the summary report reduces the efficiency of the wiring process.

c) Using the summary report simplifies the publishing process

d) Using the summary is neither increasing or decreasing the efficiency of the wiring process.

e) None

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