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Specialize In Software Testing With Real Examples+agile+jira100%OFF 

Specialize In Software Testing With Real Examples+agile+jira

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What you’ll learn

  • Complete knowledge of all aspects related to software testing
  • Full details of all concepts, types and stages of testing
  • Real world examples, reports, documents that are used in IT companies
  • Demo project on testing scenarios for biggest E-commerce website in world
  • Understanding of Agile methodology as followed in industry today
  • Demo of JIRA tool, most in demand in industry
  • Automation basic concepts and framework explanation
  • 100+ interview questions, and resume preparation


  • None, only a desire to learn


(June, 2020) Become a testing specialist and job-ready in only 11 chapters, by putting only few hours.

Start your journey into the world of software testing. This complete “A-Z, deep learning course on software testing” will teach you everything about software testing, Agile, JIRA, Automation concepts etc, and make you job-ready. This course is not just bookish concepts, it includes lot of practical examples that will make your concepts clear.

Advantages of this course:

  • Coverage of all concepts in software testing – most basic to advanced
  • Filled with real-world examples – how to create a test plan, how to create execution reports, how to create release reports etc
  • Learn things practically – we will write test cases for leading E-commerce site, and take a walk-through of real JIRA tool etc
  • Contents to make you job ready – 100+ interview questions & tips on how to prepare for an interview. And resume template
  • Full time support & mentoring for all students – email me any time for any query

Topics you will learn:

  • Everything about testing – definition, objective, principles, models, terminologies & much much more…
  • Types of testing – more than 20+ types covered
  • Software Testing life cycle with detailed chapter on each stages
  • Agile & JIRA learning
  • Automation basics and Automation framework
  • Test plan & Test execution report etc creation on your own (as done by test leads and managers)

Thank you and wish you all the best!!

Keep learning & Happy testing!!

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