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The Complete Business & Marketing Course – 23 Courses in 1

The Complete Business & Marketing Course - 23 Courses in 1

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Course Deatails:



42.5 hours



*UPDATE: 2021.01.20. – A 50-Questions Master Quiz has been added!

If You Only Buy ONE Course This Year … It’s GOT To Be This One!

With over 42 hours of video content, 283 lectures, downloadable resources and bonuses – This is one of the most comprehensive business & marketing masterclasses available anywhere!

You’ll also get access to:

Lifetime Access to course updates

Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

To make sure you find the information you are looking for the easiest, we have divided our Masterclass to 23 main sections:

1. Handle Difficult People Like A Pro

In this section, you are going to:

You Will Have Specific Skills to Handle Each Major Type Of Difficult Person Effectively

Be More Effective In Dealing With Office Politics

Be Better Able To Set Boundaries

Understand Difficult People Better – Understand Why They Do What they Do

You Will Have Unique Strategies For Dealing With Difficult People Not Found Elsewhere

2. The Power Of Motivation

In this section, you are going to:

You will have greater skills in Motivating yourself and others

You will greatly improve your ability to get things done and tasks will be easier to complete

You will greatly improve your ability have a positive influence on others

You will have a greater understanding of yourself & others

You will have an unfair advantage in life and in your career

3. Influence Tools & Skills

In this section, you are going to:

Mastery Of The 6 Major Skills Of Persuasion

Ability To Spot When Persuasion Is Being Used On YOU!

Powerful Ways To Get Your Ideas Across

Vastly Improved Communication Skills

Powerful Selling Skills

Be More Likeable & Trustworthy In The Eyes Of Others

Powerful Ability To Motivate Others!

Exceptional Rapport Skills

4. Networking Skills

In this section, you are going to:

Powerful Networking Tools & Strategies – Unique!

Learn How the Law Of Reciprocity Can Work For You

Learn the Power of the “Likeability Factor”

Hot / Targeted Places to Network

Best Online Networking Strategies For Success

Mentors – The Power To Transform Your Life!

5. Customer Service

In this section, you are going to:

STOP Losing Money Due to Poor or Average Customer Service!

Make MORE Money from Each Customer!

SAVE a Fortune in Advertising Dollars!

Get MORE Referrals!

Solve Problems FAST!

Retain Existing Customers!

Learn How to Create an Outstanding Customer Service Experience

Learn the 5 Tenets of TQM

Avoid the 10 Deadly Sins of Customer Service!

How to Handle Difficult Customers like a PRO!

… and MUCH More!!!

6. Stress Management

In this section, you are going to:

Learn What Causes Stress & The Solutions

Discover How To Get A Fantastic Nights Sleep

Learn How to Feel Better – Right Away!

Gain Relief From Nagging Thoughts & Worries

Learn How To Eliminate The CAUSES Of Stress

Gain More Emotional Freedom & Control Of Your Life!

7. Powerful Communication Skills

In this section, you are going to:

Connect Faster With Other People

Boost “Likeablility”

Have Deeper Relationships with Others

Be Heard More By Others

Be More Influential

Be More Successful At Work & Home

Improve Relationships

Be Better Able To Get Your Needs Met

Create Closeness & Understanding

Achieve Your Goals Faster

8. Be A Great Leader

In this section, you are going to: