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Ubiquiti Unifi Labs For Beginners


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What you’ll learn

  • Configure the Router to share internet to inside users
  • Configure the MikroTik CRS to be a switch
  • Configure DHCP Server and NAT on the Router
  • Download and install Ubiquiti Discovery Device tool
  • Download and install Ubiquiti Network Controller on Windows OS
  • Adopting the UniFi AP to the controller
  • Configure the wireless setting to the UniFi AP can provide wireless internet service using WPA PSK
  • Configure the UniFi AP to provide Guest portal using a simple password for Guests


  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge


Ubiquiti UniFi wireless products are very reliable and efficient products when it comes to wireless technology. However, they require some knowledge so the engineers are able to configure them. For this reason, I have decided to do this Free of Charge course to give you an idea of what UniFi AP can do and how to configure them to provide wireless internet service to the end users.

In this course, I will use a MikroTik Router and a MikroTik Switch and I will configure them, then I will configure the Ubiquiti UniFi AP.

To be able to follow this course, you need the following:

1- A router to do the DHCP and NAT (preferably a MikroTik HAP lite)
2- A Switch (any Layer 2 switch)
3- Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite
4- A PC
5- Internet Connectivity
6- UTP short cables

In this course, I will show you how to download and install Ubiquiti Network Controller on a Windows PC to be able to configure the UniFi AP for both normal internet wireless and for Guests.

This course will be based on LABS, so if you want to get first hands-on to Ubiquiti UniFi AP all you need to do is to register to this course and I am sure that I will help you to get the knowledge needed for this.

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