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Upgrading IT Infrastructure from Windows 7 to Windows 10100%OFF 

Migrating It Infrastructure From Windows 7 To Windows 10

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What you’ll learn

  • Planning your upgrade project
  • Auditing your network environment
  • Communicating with departments within your organisation
  • Preparing your helpdesk team for additional incoming queries
  • Disposing of old equipment securely


  • To have some previous experience as a 2nd or 3rd line IT Support Technician


Over this course, you’ll learn about the different stages involved in upgrading an organisation from Windows 7 to Windows 10, this includes considerations such as:

* Planning your upgrade project

* Identifying potential issues before proceeding with the upgrade

* Auditing your network environment

* Communicating with various departments within your organisation

* Ensuring that your IT helpdesk team are prepared to deal with additional incoming support requests.

* Disposing of old equipment securely

There are also some real-world examples of unexpected hardware and software issues that can occur during a Windows 10 upgrade project. Whilst  the best way to upgrade depends on your organisation, the basics are explained within this course.

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